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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing:

SMS ( Short Message Service) Marketing is one of the instant form of communication. It helps reach the large amount of customers individually with time-sensitive offers. Most of the people read the text messages instantly so there is less chance for ignoring the message.

Types of SMS Marketing:

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS:

The SMS that had been sent with the aim of promoting their product or services known as a Promotional SMS. It contains any marketing and sales SMS which had preferred or not preferred by the customer. These Message will only get delivered to Non-DND (Do Not Disturb) Customers.

Transactional SMS:

                SMS that had been sent to their own customer in order to update about their business, offers, sales and so on known as transactional SMS. This Message will be get delivered  to both DND and Non-DND customers.

SMS marketing approaches include:

  • Discounts SMS
  • Information about the updates in your business
  • Reminder SMS
  • Greeting SMS

Difference between Promotional and Transactional SMS:

Promotional SMS:

  • SMS can be only send on Non-DND Numbers
  • SMS to DND Number not get delivered automatically and it won’t be charged
  • This Service can be used from 9AM to 9PM
  • It have six digit SENDER ID

Transactional SMS

  • SMS get delivered to both DND and Non-DND Numbers.
  • This service is available 24*7 hours
  • Six Digit Sender ID
  • We can’t able to send any promotional SMS in this.


Suggestion  for SMS Markerting :

  1. Keep the SMS in short
  2. Try not to send SMS after business hours.
  3. Try not to send more than one SMS to the Same recipient in a week.
  4. Give some good reason for SMS
  5. Be Aware and responsible because for SMS also they can mark it as a spam


Benefits of SMS Marketing :

  • SMS get delivered instantly.
  • SMS Marketing is one of the flexible platform to promote your business.
  • Almost every SMS had get opened and read by recipient.
  • Conversion rate will be high because of high open rate.
  • SMS doesn’t have big issue spam or any filter like Email
  • SMS will be short and less than 160 character so it will be easy for a recipient to read.
  • By doing Online Marketing we can save green and make our Earth green.







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